Guilty Gear Stripe reportedly has more active players on PC than the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Guilty Gear Stripe reportedly has more active players on PC than the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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  • After the arcade went down more than 20 years ago, home video game consoles have established themselves as a major place for fighting games, but demographics have steadily changed recently. During the calculation of Rooflemonger to find the most popular characters in
    Guilty Gear Strive, he also seems to have encountered an interesting discovery that the game is played on a PC rather than a PlayStation 4/5. Not really seen in major fighting game releases.
    By counting the individual users of each platform who played online in December, Rooflemonger’s data is reported to show a consistent pattern across platforms.
    This will more than double the number of players on your PC alongside the corresponding console for all characters. This is a pretty amazing loophole. For example, Happy Chaos’s most popular character of the month was used by 22,004 players on the PC and 10,763 players on the PlayStation at the time the video was created.
    Meanwhile, Sol Badguy showed 10,256 Steam users and 4,988 users on the Sony system.
    Indeed, over the last five to six years, there have been changes in fighting game players migrating or starting PCs due to a wide variety of factors.
    In many countries, computer games are cheaper and easier to obtain than the same title on the console. Of course, you can also customize it with mods and a wide range of settings. The landscape changed dramatically during the same period as the once console-only series, such as the
    Tekken and Soul Caliber, finally hit the PC and became successful. The trend for PC fighters with lower input lag rates than consoles, such as Strive, which started with a delay of 4 frames on the
    PS4 and less than 1 frame on the PC, is also fairly consistent (depending on the hardware settings). The
    PC version of Strive was the standard for tournaments at online events, primarily due to differences in latency, but official ARCREVO tournaments will continue to be played on the PlayStation.
    Not all this means that Strive on PS4 / 5 is currently hurting players, but this may vary from region to region. According to data from
    SteamSpy, 500,000 to 1 million players currently own new Guilty Gear on Steam.
    Publishers and tournament organizers certainly need to look back on where the next generation of events is happening, but if more titles expand cross-platform play, that’s not that important.

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