Guild of Guardians partners with the biggest esports brands to reach millions with Web3 Gaming

Guild of Guardians partners with the biggest esports brands to reach millions with Web3 Gaming

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  • T1 and Team Liquid will join GOG’s vibrant fantasy world and bring their brand to life. as authentic and playable. These characters can be traded as digital collections in his Immutable X, his solution for scaling completely carbon-neutral. GOG’s unprecedented partnership with the world’s leading esports team will help bring the future of his Web3 games to millions of fans in addition to over 250,000 pre-registered players.

  • The squad-based mobile action RPG published by Immutable Games Studio and developed by Stepico Games today announced multi-year partnerships with eight of the world’s largest and most prominent professional esports organizations. Together, our partners will shape the future of Web3 gaming and digital entertainment, opening up Guild of Guardians pre-registration to the world’s largest esports community.
    As part of the partnership, well-known esports names such as Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pajamas, NRG, SK Gaming,

Derek Lau, Vice President and Game Director of Guild of Guardians said: “GOG is a mobile team role-playing game developed for gamers and designed to be accessible games, and for all gamers he will be the perfect introduction to the world of Web3.” This collaboration will enable esports enthusiasts to support their favorite teams and players in new and meaningful ways by representing them in-game via digital assets.

“We are very excited to partner with the Guild of Guardians, who we believe are a very symbiotic relationship for both the gaming and esports industries. We firmly believe that this is a future that allows closer interaction between teams and teams.” Pietro Fringeri, President of the World Esports Association (WESA). “We are excited about the idea of ​​digital ownership and the ability to earn and trade characters in-game.”

True digital ownership allows fans to create, own and trade their own digital assets as well as compete with other users for rewards. Five of GOG’s partner organizations are among the top 10 most valuable esports teams in 2022, with eight participants collectively worth nearly $2 billion, according to Forbes. Likewise, these organizations have huge and active fan bases on social media platforms that connect millions of sports enthusiasts. In total, more than 6.3 million users follow the team on Twitter alone.

Consisting of five participating teams, WESA was chosen to develop a new commercial model for unique and pioneering collaborations with publishers. The announcement comes at a time when esports continues to grow in popularity, with global revenue expected to reach his $1.3 billion by 2022. Immutable, the company behind Guild of Guardians, has also had a proven track record in the Web3 gaming space, raising $200 million in a Series C funding round last March.

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