Grand Theft Auto Vice City Unofficial port for Nintendo Switch

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Unofficial port for Nintendo Switch

Points Highlighted:

  • In the year 2002, the executive producer of the GTA franchise Sam Houser and the Rockstar game’s president commented “The success of Grand Theft Auto 3 has made us very proud, but it has also motivated us enormously. The work currently being done by our development and production teams in Edinburgh and New York is going to surpass the efforts of last year, as we set our sights on making an even more revolutionary gaming experience. This will be reflected in the size of the game, the scope of the gameplay, the extent of the gameplayer’s freedom, the quality of production value, and the all-important sense of style.”

  • The user needs a modded Nintendo switch for running this port. To bring the port to the switch, the team who are working reversed engineered the source code for the games GTA III and GTA VC. The player can found more information about downloading and installing the game by searching for Vice City Nintendo Switch on Github.

The producer of GTA games Les Benzies noted “Although it may appear to be a challenge to develop a game superior to Grand Theft Auto 3, our progress to date on Vice City makes me highly confident that we can deliver a truly innovative game.”


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