Google’s Game-Changing Live Rep Feature: Customer Support Calls

Google Testing New ‘Talk To A Live Rep’ Feature For Customer Support Calls

Artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity worldwide, with an increasing user base. One of the most prominent applications of AI is in customer service. Recent reports have revealed that Google is currently testing a new feature called “Talk to a Live Rep.” This feature aims to allow users to make a call, wait on hold, and then receive a call back when a human representative is available.

After reports about this feature went viral, Google confirmed that it is indeed testing this feature, which has been designed to save people from waiting endlessly on hold. Typically, when you call customer care, you have to stay on hold for a long time while listening to recorded music just to speak to a customer service representative.

How It Works

Currently, this new feature is being tested in English for users in the US who are part of Google Search Labs. It works on the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as Chrome on desktop. In a way, this feature is similar to Google Pixel’s “Hold for Me” feature. It will navigate the phone tree for you and then call you back when a representative is available.

The main difference between Google Pixel’s ‘Hold For Me’ feature and this new feature is that Pixel’s feature is exclusively for Pixel phones, whereas this new feature will be accessible to both Android and iOS users.

Reports indicate that businesses in various sectors, including airlines, telecommunications, retail, services, and insurance, will support this new feature. The aim of this new feature is to make customer service calls more convenient by saving users time and frustration. Navigating the phone tree for you and waiting on hold allows you to go about your day without having to listen to music.

This innovative feature from Google is a step towards enhancing the customer service experience and leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence to streamline communication with businesses across different industries.