Google will soon allow Android users to watch YouTube videos on car dashboards

Google will soon allow Android users to watch YouTube videos on car dashboards

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  • Indeed, watching a short YouTube video or an episode of your favorite Netflix show while waiting to pick up the kids from school could make sense when parked, but for the time being, Google just prefers to keep such content away from the displays in our cars. Not for long, though, as the Mountain View-based search giant is preparing to bring casting to Android devices and car displays. Announced at Google I/O 2022 today, the new casting feature (which will also support Chromebooks) will allow users to load a video on their Android devices and then play it on the displays in their cars.

  • If you wish to stream YouTube or Netflix on your vehicle display, Google does not officially support such functionality. For good reason, Android Auto, for example, does not support video applications. dashboard displayDriving mode dashboard display Dashboard display in driving mode. Because such content significantly increases attention behind the wheel, barring all video applications from the start is one extremely effective strategy to address the issue.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like watching the actual video will be possible, as Google will most likely restrict the casting to audio-only for obvious reasons. There’s a chance, however, that the feature would be fully unlocked with access to video when the vehicle is not in motion. YouTube will almost certainly be supported, as Google presented a photo showing an online video playing on a car display.

On the other hand, what we don’t know is who’s getting the new feature and who isn’t. The company hasn’t provided any specifics on this front, but most likely, it’ll require new car models possibly featuring special hardware to allow the casting. The search giant also hasn’t shared additional information as to when the new feature could become available for users out there. Most likely, it’ll be part of the next major Android update, which is scheduled to see the daylight later this year.

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