Google Wallet is currently Gmail Pay

Google Wallet is currently Gmail Pay

Tech Highlights:

  • Google Pay already allows you to keep cards, loyalty programs, digital keys, and other data on your phone for easy access. Google Wallet doesn’t add any groundbreaking features, though it does change the interface — there’s less emphasis on the budgeting features and promotional discounts. Everything in Google Wallet is stacked into a single vertically-scrolling list for easy access.

  • Back in May, Google made the announcement that the Google Pay app would change names to Google Wallet and receive a new, contemporary look. Android phones are already beginning to receive the update. Android’s Google Wallet Wants to Take the Place of Your Real Wallet Android’s Google Wallet wants to take the place of your physical wallet.

The rollout for Google Wallet is confusing, though. In the United States and Singapore, Wallet will be installed alongside the old Google Pay app (giving you two apps on your home screen), which is where the money-sending and budgeting features will remain. India isn’t receiving the new Wallet app at all, and in the rest of the world, Wallet will entirely replace Google Pay.

Google Wallet is now rolling out as version 2.150.460235810 of the existing Google Pay app. If you don’t have it already, Google should push it to your phone soon. › Upgrade Your TV and Gaming Experience With These Bias Lights. › XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector Review: Shining Bright. › How Much Is Your Computer Heating Your Home? › How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car? › Every Game Microsoft Ever Included in Windows, Ranked

Importantly, the new app still works in all stores where Google Pay is accepted, and all payment cards, keys, and other stored data is staying. Google Wallet is just a rebranding for the app, matching how iPhones work — Apple Pay is the technology behind payments, while Wallet is the app for accessing everything.

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