Google TV will receive user profiles next month

Google TV will receive user profiles next month

Tech Highlights:

  • Google did release profiles for kids earlier this year, which was a nice addition. As it allowed users to make a profile for their kids that only had kid-friendly content available. Keeping their kids from watching things that they shouldn’t be. Profiles on Google TV are going to be applied to each Google account on the device. So each profile gets its own watchlist recommendations, and Google Assistant queries. While downloaded apps and app logins will sync across all the profiles. So you won’t need to login to Netflix on each profile.

  • Next month, Google TV will push out a feature that should have been accessible at launch. And then there are user profiles. Because recommendations are Google TV’s main selling point, user profiles should have been one of the first things added. However, this was not the case. If you have a large family, this means that recommendations may not have been as good as they could have been.

It’s going to be a nice feature to have, if you have a larger family, with many different people watching TV on your Chromecast with Google TV. That way your watchlist and recommendations are more unique to what you want to watch.

Unfortunately, that’s really all the Google TV devices on the market right now. As most TV makers have opted to just use regular Android TV and not the new Google TV. But that will likely change in the next year or so, with the new crop of TVs coming out in January.

Google is being pretty vague about it, but it should start rolling out next month. Google says that it’ll start with the Chromecast with Google TV and then Google TV devices from Sony and TCL will be next in-line.

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