Google TV now lets you remove tracks from the Read More line

Google TV now lets you remove tracks from the Read More line

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  • However, before this update, there was no way to remove titles from the Continue watching row. The pop-up only featured one option – Open. So the row could easily become cluttered. Sometimes, even if you have completely watched a movie, Google TV would list it as unfinished because its credits are quite long.

  • The Continue Watching carousel on Google TV makes it easier to return to a show or movie that you haven’t finished watching yet. It stores all in-progress titles with a cover image and progress bar. You can quickly get back to watching a show from where you left off. Google says this feature enables an about 30 percent increase in re-engagement, which is quite a big number.

Moreover, if you started watching a show but didn’t like it and have no intention of finishing, it would continue to sit in the Continue watching row. You couldn’t remove it. Some users might also want to remove certain content on shared screens. This new addition coming to Google TV will now enable all this.

Google TV is a newer interface for TVs from Google. It debuted on the company’s most recent Chromecasts last year and will replace the older interface, i.e. Android TV, over the next couple of years. Since its launch, the platform has been regularly picking up new features and improvements. The latest update is adding another small but important new feature.

You can now remove shows and movies from the Continue Watching row on Google TV

The ability to remove titles from the continue watching row isn’t completely new on Google’s TV platforms though. If you remember, Android TV already has it. However, despite being a newer platform and offering more features than the former, Google TV was lacking this ability all this while. It’s finally here.

That said, the new feature on Google TV isn’t seemingly rolling out widely yet. Google also hasn’t officially announced this rollout as of this writing. However, you can expect it to reach more users over the next few weeks.

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