Google to add new battery features and personal safety tools on Pixel phones

Google’s Pixel smartphones have much more features than most other smartphones with ordinary Android. The company also took care of a constant fee for deploying application updates on Pixel phones. Some of these updates consist of new attributes and the most recent release is a person of them. Pixel phones now have battery enhancements, a new way to sleep, updated voice recording and added many more protection features of their own.

For starters, Google’s personalized basic security attribute, offered exclusively for Pixel phones, receives a new ‘security scan’ tool that checks when you are alone and may need assistance. The “Stability Check” software allows you to examine when you are about to walk or run alone. He keeps track of the time spent in the course of this exam and therefore asks if you are okay.

You can cancel the order by responding to it or by sending your location to crisis contacts and the unexpected emergency center in the United States. If there is no reaction in just a moment, the software will alert emergency contacts and share your location in real time with them on Google Maps. In the meantime, it does not routinely connect to 911.

The stability check feature is only accessible in the U.S. for now, Google said. Meanwhile, the private protection attribute has been extended to all Pixel units, although the car detection attribute will soon appear in Pixel 3. The Custom Security feature debuted in the last 12 months with the Pixel 4 sequel.

Google is also making substantial changes to the look of the adaptive battery, so that the battery lasts longer before charging. The element in Pixel 2 or higher products now predicts when the battery is managing low and starts killing apps and other features that work in history. This indicates that most applications and background items that are not being used will have as little capacity as possible when the battery is very low.

Although this feature does not extend battery life from a hardware perspective, it will make the battery longer than the previous one in qualified Pixel products.

The latest Google implementation offers Android closer to iOS in battery preservation functions, in addition to bedtime. The bedtime feature allows the cell phone to log in and analyze each day’s rest facts to offer better solutions. As soon as you go to the mattress, the sleep feature begins to participate in appeasers and interruptions are limited by notifications. You can choose to ignore the default settings. Staying awake right after your rest time recorded in the app offers a snapshot of the time used before bed and which apps.

The most interesting features also involve additional people to the Recorder application. The application now supports starting, ending and searching for resources with Google Assistant. You will have to say “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google” before giving commands. The transcript of the recordings can now be saved instantly to Google Docs for easy sharing with contacts.

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