Google Play Services support for Android Jelly Bean is ending

Google Play Services support for Android Jelly Bean is ending

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  • There are multiple Android versions under the Android Jelly Bean name. Versions from Android 4.1 to 4.3 are referred to by this name. The reason for this was that Android was still in a rapid development process at that time and the versions did not follow a reliable rhythm. Still, Android Jelly Bean was a pretty big release for the time. Features such as the renewed Holo UI interface and Bluetooth LE support stood out.

  • The fragmented nature of Android is frequently criticised. However, this has a fascinating byproduct. Google still supports Android versions that are ten years old even though OEMs have already stopped supporting their outdated products. It is sufficient to have enough users to make the maintenance costs worthwhile for this. But it appears that Android Jelly Bean is about to die. The 2012 Android version will no longer receive support for Google Play Services, according to Google.

According to Google’s data, the share of devices with Android Jelly Bean among active devices is less than 1 percent. This gives the internet giant the necessary freedom to discontinue Android Jelly Bean support. For some, it may be surprising that even Google Play Services is still supported in Android Jelly Bean. However, the modular nature of Android makes this possible. Google Play Services continues to exist independently of the open source Android platform. This allows Google to continue support for older devices separately. This support is provided through the compatibility library.

As for movies, E.T. ticks a lot of boxes in terms of success. It’s not just about the money, but also what the film says and creates in its beautiful story. link: Why the sequels of “Jurassic Park” will never be able to compare with the original Director Steven Spielberg is no stranger to the world of science fiction, as he achieved great success in the film “Close Encounters of the third degree” four years before the release of “Alien”. His work on the film and the idea that humans and aliens interact with each other out of curiosity will become the theme of “Alien”. Spielberg’s creation of an imaginary friend after his parents’ divorce also reinforced the idea of an alien.

But nothing lasts forever. Therefore, Google Play Services support for Android Jelly Bean will end as of next month. Devices with Android Jelly Bean will continue to work. However, some features built on Google Play Services will become unavailable. From a box office hit to a video game nightmare, E.T. “Alien” will become one of the most talked-about films of the 1980s. 40 years later, it still remains one of the most beloved sci-fi films of all time. Has anyone watched it or not, if asked to name a sci-fi movie, then it will undoubtedly be on par with such as “Star Wars” and “Alien”. Whether it’s the silhouette of a bicycle flying in front of the moon, the whimsical music of John Williams, or the connection between Elliot and the main character, there will undoubtedly be a moment that will resonate with fans.

After several rewrites, rejection by Columbia Pictures, and approval by Universal Studios for $1 million, E.T. will begin work on a $10.5 million budget. The film grossed $792.9 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in 11 years, surpassing Star Wars and not inferior to Spielberg’s next sci-fi film Jurassic Park. It will also become one of Spielberg’s most popular films. However, “Alien” is more than just a story about an alien on Earth. An alien who finds himself in a difficult situation establishes a wonderful and personal connection with 10-year-old Elliot Taylor.

As his days on Earth pass, the empathetic relationship between them grows, and Elliot feels the same as the alien. feels it. The deep connection between them is plausible thanks to the outstanding performance of Henry Thomas (Elliot). In fact, for the most part, the film is dominated by a young cast, including Drew Barrymore (Gertie) and Robert McNaughton (Michael). The only adult whose face is visible for most of the hour of the film is Elliot’s mother, played by Dee Wallace. Impressively young and inexperienced cast managed to show sincere performance and sincere expression of curiosity, fear, sadness and friendship. The only adults shown are government employees in the opening scene of the film and the vast majority of NASA employees bombarding the scene. This creates the idea that adults are real invaders, not peace—loving creatures. Source: Twitter Watching E.T. these days feels like a nostalgic throwback to its generation, as the film is replete with references, be it video games, movies and general pop culture of the early 80s.

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