Google Play no longer shows app permissions

Google Play no longer shows app permissions

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  • Publishers are required to provide data safety information, as Google made it mandatory. It is up to the publisher to fill out the information though. Neither the Google Play application nor the Google Play store website list permissions anymore. Google has not revealed why it decided to remove the option to view application and game permissions on its Android store. It is possible that Google thought that the new Data Safety listing is sufficient, or that permissions could scare users.

  • On the majority of Android devices, Google Play is the standard store. The majority of Android users use the store to download and update new apps and games. Google Play previously displayed the permissions that were required for a programme to run. Any additional permissions must be defined in the application’s manifest, however all applications have access to a standard set of permissions that are not marked. The permissions listing may no longer be present when you explore games or applications on Google Play at this time. Google seems to have determined that the updated data safety listing is enough in this regard. permissions for apps on Google Play.

Android users have some options when it comes to displaying application permissions. One option would be to analyze an application’s manifest file before installation, but this is time consuming and not really that practical. A better option, highlighted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, is to use the open source Aurora Store application. Aurora Store is available on F-Droid, a free and privacy focused Android marketplace Aurora Store is a frontend for Google Play, which means that it pulls data directly from Google’s Store. Unlike Google Play, it provides users with important information, including permissions that applications request. The app lists trackers that are included in applications and games as well, which is another useful information.

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View all posts by Martin Brinkmann  This can be done easily by installing a software firewall. One that will alert you every time a newly-installed app asks for internet access, at which time you can decide if that particular app will actually need internet access for its core functions. In some cases, yes you will need to give that permission, but in some other cases you will be safer by not giving the app that connectivity permission (while still being able to use it).

A click on the permissions listing of an app in Aurora Store displays all the permissions that it requests. Note that Aurora Store does not display the Data Safety information yet in the interface. With Aurora Store installed on the Android device, you could use it to look up the permissions of an app or game. Whether you install it from Google Play or through Aurora Store then is up to you. The removal of permissions from Google Play is a step in the wrong direction. Google is still focused on limiting information and functionality to create a frictionless yet limited experience for its users. Users who need more information or options need to look elsewhere once again to obtain those.

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