Google Pixel 6: iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 killer or flop

Google Pixel 6: iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 killer or flop

Tech Highlights:

  • So, in a way, we can’t even blame people for not making the switch… Thankfully, it looks like Google is done trying our patience. The Google Pixel 6 & Google Pixel 6 Pro/XL design is finally up there with other modern-looking phones like the Galaxy S21. Moreover, the back of the phone is back to having more attitude and personality, after Google is said to kill the tired camera island. The new design says: ”I’m here… Look at me!”

  • It’s the same tale every time… The social media comment sections are teeming with ecstatic admirers who pledge they’ll switch to the Pixel 6 if it has this and that feature… This isn’t a new phenomena. Every year, it occurs. However, in 2021, Google’s pledges to fans and vice versa are greater than ever. Why? In terms of power and camera capability, the Google Pixel 5 left a much to be desired. Prior to that, Google’s flagships, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 series, were probably much worse. For days, the Pixel 4 had poor battery life and a swollen brow. Of course, the worst-looking top bezel was discovered on another Google search.

Givings us three different cameras for three different focal lengths on a Pixel device (another first), including zoom AND ultra-wide-angle
Promising to deliver five years of Android OS updates (still, we’ll believe it when we see it) This means the demand for budget or mid-range devices will be significantly higher. Of course, there are Indians who’d buy a Pixel 6, but there won’t be nearly as many people as the ones who’d buy a Pixel 4A (5G) or 5A (5G) – rumored to launch soon.

While there was a good reason the Pixel 4 didn’t make it to India (project Soli), the Pixel 4A (5G) and Pixel 5 series didn’t face any of those constraining factors, because… they don’t have any of those Project Soli sensors. Yet none of them made it to India or a dozen other countries around the world. Manufacturers often price their devices accordingly when they launch into markets like India or Asia, in general. Pricing has to be socio-economically conscious. Hence the Google Pixel 4A (5G) would have been the perfect opportunity for Google to break into India’s smartphone market with a 5G phone.

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