Google Pixel 4a manufacturing to move to Vietnam

Google wants to transfer Pixel 4a production from China to Vietnam, hoping to avoid further delays as the Coronavirus outbreak shows no signs of slowing down. The Google Pixel 4a will bring the best features and camera features of the Pixel 4 family at a lower price. Last year, Pixel 3a launched on Google I / O in May and was received with great enthusiasm. The Pixel 4 family also did not go to countries like India due to a regulatory problem with tires where the Motion Sense functions would work.

The Pixel 4a is perhaps the only way that these markets can experience the new features. However, the launch of the Pixel 4a may be delayed because production in China may not reach a sustainable level in the short term. Google is therefore trying to accelerate the production shift to Vietnam, where the situation still seems to be under control. A person close to the case explained that this change, along with a monetary loss, would also hamper the continuity of the supply chain.

Google is even considering removing some of its critical production equipment from China and shipping it to Vietnam. A report also suggests that Google may also produce Pixel 5 in Vietnam, which is due to be introduced in late 2020. Microsoft wants to follow the example of its Surface computers, which have so far been made in China.

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