Google Pixel 4 Gets ‘Require Eyes to Be Open’ setting for Face Unlock

Apparently, Google has launched a new configuration for the Google Pixel 4s facial unlock, as it appears in the settings. Called “Require eyes to be open”, it would only allow the face to be unblocked with the users eyes open. The option can be unlocked if you look for “eyes” in your Pixel 4 settings. In addition to the obvious name, Require eyes to be open, there is a short explanation that says your eyes need to be open to unlock the phone.

Unfortunately, tapping takes you to the normal Face Unlock screen, where the setting has not yet been found. You may remember Pixel 4’s initial leaks that same configuration and description were there, but Google removed them before the official phone launch, Android Police reported on Friday. It is important to note that Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL came with new radar-based hardware under “Project Soli”.

With it, he promised controls based on movement and 3D face opening. He handed them over, but strictly in half. One of the most cursed aspects of “Project Soli” is that face unlocking unlocks the device, even if the user’s eyes are closed. Read our review of Google Pixel 4 XL

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