Google Nest/Original Home white noise has been restored based on user feedback

Google Nest/Original Home white noise has been restored based on user feedback

Tech Highlights:

  • The change made it difficult for people to sleep, as the white noise had become more muffled and much quieter, as well as looping every 10 minutes instead of the original one-hour cycle. Now, Google had addressed the issue with its Assistant-powered smart speakers and displays. It seems that it was an issue, rather than a planned change or update, and according to a Googler, the bug is now fixed. This pretty much means the white noise sound on your Nest or Home device should now be working as it used to.

  • We recently reported on how many Google Nest users were dissatisfied with the quality of a new white noise added to Google Assistant. Following customer reaction, Google has now restored the earlier white noise version, according to Android Central. White noise can be played by Google Assistant to assist you in sleeping. Simply instruct Google Assistant to play white noise, and your Google Nest or Home may be able to assist you in sleeping. However, as we previously reported, the white noise sounds that were played changed abruptly, causing a lot of users to become irritated.

Before the update, a Reddit user had uploaded the original white noise sound in one-hour and 12-hour versions so the affected users could use it to lull them to sleep. The curious thing is that this change seemed like a planned one in the beginning, forcing some people to consider other variants such as other ambient sounds offered by Google (13 options in total, including rainfall, a thunderstorm, ocean, fireplace), or looking for apps that could play a better white noise. Fortunately, it was a bug and luckily, an easily fixable one.

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