Google might have cancelled Pixel 5A dues to global chip shortage

Google might have cancelled Pixel 5A dues to global chip shortage

Bad news for Google Pixel fans as the Google Pixel 5a may have been canceled due to persistent chip shortages. The news comes from Jon Prosser Twitter, a source of such technical leaks. Prosser adds that the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G phones will also be available later in 2021, though it’s unfortunate that a new model in Google’s budget lineup is likely to take a while to hit the market. New flagship Pixel phones are usually announced and launched towards the end of each year, so we may not see a Pixel 5a or a Pixel 6a until 2022.

Prosser hasn’t shared any information on his sources for this leak, so you’ll have to take that information with a grain of salt until we hear something more solid directly from Google. The chip shortage is also bad news for all technicians and is partly responsible for low stocks of PS5s, Xbox Series Xs and PC GPUs. The bottlenecks are mainly due to delayed production and import / export delays caused by Covid-19 restrictions. Analysts predict the impact could be felt by 2022.

At the moment it only looks like a cancellation for this year. Google likely just made the decision to focus its chipset inventory on the expected flagship Pixel 6. However, could this be the end of budget Pixel phones? It’s probably a little early to say for sure, but it’s out of the question. We don’t know exactly how well the Pixel phones are selling, but it took LG as early as 2021 to pull the plug on its phone hardware business. Perhaps Google will follow LG’s example and try to optimize its offers?

While it may not be all bad, the Pixel 5 was already a mid-budget phone. So if the Pixel 6 catches up, we may still see something that can meet the needs of users on a lower budget.

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