Google Maps now has the ability to show traffic lights and stop signs

Google Maps now has the ability to show traffic lights and stop signs

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  • There’s nothing worse than hitting the road only to realize your route involves tolls. Whether you’re trying to make sure you have enough coins or ensuring you have electronic toll systems set up in your car, knowing how much cash you’ll need to get to your destination can be really helpful.

  • If you’re going on a lengthy road trip this summer, you already know how important Google Maps is. Of course, it’s not just about getting you there. Maps is a must-have app on your phone for avoiding speed traps and traffic delays, as well as sharing your whereabouts with pals. Google has unveiled a few of long-awaited Maps on Android upgrades that should make your summer vacation even better.

Starting this month, Google Maps will show estimated toll prices along your route, pulling information directly from whatever agency is in charge of road fees in your area. Factors like the specific time of day and the payment method are taken into account to get the most bang for your buck on your drive. As always, Google continues to offer methods to avoid tolls by changing your route options, but for those that don’t mind paying to get somewhere a little faster, you’ll be able to preview your total cost before you hit the road. This tool is coming to mobile users in the US, Indonesia, India, and Japan to start, with more regions on the way.

Speaking of iOS, Apple users are getting some improvements this summer too. New pinned trip widgets, direct Apple Watch navigation, and Siri shortcut support for improved voice controls all help bring the Google Maps experience up to par with Apple’s built-in app. Overall, it’s a hefty, long-awaited update, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_5.16.50_PM.max-1000×1000. Google Maps is also adding extra information to its maps while navigating, bringing it up to par with the competition. Traffic lights and stop signs are the main inclusion here, something Apple added to its Maps app back in iOS 13. It’s an obvious feature, but it’s great that Google finally supports it. Building outlines and areas of interest are coming as well, along with specific road information like widths, shapes, medians, and islands in select cities.

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