Google killed Android Auto for phones, and its replacement is a big problem

Google killed Android Auto for phones, and its replacement is a big problem

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  • In many ways, the driving mode is supposed to be an evolved version of Android Auto for phones, but on the other hand, many users out there claim it all feels like a major downgrade. A discussion thread on Google’s forums ended up becoming the home of users’ complaints regarding the new driving mode. The problems that are reported here concern not only the driving mode itself but also the interaction with Google Maps, as someone says the full app is launched whenever they want to start the navigation. Re-launching the driving mode involves activating the assistant once again, at which point the navigation goes away.

  • Google discontinued Android Auto for phones last year, instructing customers to utilise the driving mode that comes with Google Assistant instead. Polestar 2’s automotive. The driving mode was designed from the start with Google Maps at the heart of the experience, attempting to provide critical functions, like navigation, with a single swipe.

Others claim the driving mode itself is only working properly at random times. Someone explains that unless they unpair the phone from the car, they can’t get audio guidance from Google Maps while driving. In other words, Google’s big replacement for Android Auto for phone screens is more of a letdown for some people out there. But, unfortunately, nobody can tell for sure if the company is at least working on resolving all these problems.

In the meantime, there’s not much all these users can do other than run the full Google Maps app instead of the driving mode itself. This can obviously be just a temporary solution if the search giant eventually comes up with a fix. But still, given no information has been offered so far, you’d better not hold your breath for all these problems to be addressed anytime soon.

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