Google is still working hard to end Android Auto’s reign

Google is still working hard to end Android Auto's reign

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  • So you will be stuck looking for an option to replace Android Auto if you haven’t already. If Assistant Driving Mode isn’t your thing, there are third-party options you could go with instead. Options like AutoZen, Drivemode, and AutoMate. The latter of which doesn’t seem to be supported by its author anymore, so you’re likely better off with one of the first two. I noticed AutoZen has been a popular option as of late with some of our colleagues that use Android devices. The others, making use of Google Maps instead and trying their best to have patience with Driving Mode since it is free (the others always require some kind of purchase to make full use of them).

  • The end of life (EOL) of Google’s Android Auto software for mobile devices is approaching, as the firm continues to drive users away from it in favour of the new Assistant Driving Mode it has been developing. Despite users’ lack of enthusiasm for Driving Mode. With the introduction of Android 12, it was initially deprecated, preventing users of the operating system from downloading Android Auto. Even if they possessed an older version of the OS, users could still utilise it. However, they’ve now received an app message warning that “Android Auto for phone displays will stop operating shortly.” This suggests that it will be phased out shortly for everyone, regardless of Android OS version.

Those that have Android Auto built into their vehicle’s infotainment screen (radio) don’t have to worry as it is only the mobile app that is facing this demise. It really is unfortunate to see Android Auto on mobile devices go away though. It has been a useful option to have and it does better with integrations and battery life than some of these third-party options (and it looks and feels better than Driving Mode). But like anything else, everything comes to an end eventually.

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