Google is quietly releasing the long-awaited Google Maps update for Android

Google is quietly releasing the long-awaited Google Maps update for Android

Tech Highlights:

  • The most recent version of Google Maps, however, includes a fix for this error, therefore bringing everything back to normal. The patch was first shipped to testers as part of Google Maps 11.35.0 beta, but it is now available on the most recent stable update as well – Google Maps 11.35.1. If you don’t want to wait for the rollout through the Google Play Store to reach your device, just head over to this page to download the stand-alone APK installer. Oddly enough, Google has already removed the discussion thread on its forums where users have been dissecting this problem on Android Auto.

  • Google has quietly pushed out an update to Google Maps for Android devices, which, as it turns out, fixes the dark mode issues that were plaguing Android Auto. If you’ve recently used Google Maps on Android Auto, you may have noticed that the app opens in dark mode by default, independent of the vehicle or device settings. In other words, when the navigation app was running on Android Auto, it just ignored the user’s settings and defaulted to dark mode. While the Mountain View-based search giant stated it was looking into user reports indicating an issue, it has never provided an ETA for when a remedy would be available.

Of course, the whole thing happened without the company officially announcing a fix, so for now, there’s a chance many of those who are struggling with the dark mode in Google Maps on Android Auto don’t even know that a patch is now available. Google Maps is currently the number one navigation app on Android Auto, so most likely, quite a lot of people ended up struggling with the dark mode. The rollout through the Google Play Store is happening in stages, so manually installing the latest version is the easiest way to get the fix right now without waiting.

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