Google is quietly fixing a major Android Auto bug and Waze is now fully functional

News Summary:

  • The Waze issue, discovered in the summer of 2022, has clearly been around for quite some time. Finally, the user came across a solution to restore the navigation app. Back to normal with the return to Android Auto 7.7. Unfortunately, this didn’t work until Google finally pushed an update to a new version of Android Auto (the company prefers to focus on their latest app releases and new features, so this is sometimes to hold). In other words, Android Auto 7.7 was blocked and needed an update to continue running. At the same time, the above workaround also confirmed that Android Auto was the culprit.

  • For example, not long ago many people encountered a bug that prevented them from running Waze on Android Auto. The navigation app launches with a black screen instead of a map, and there is no known solution despite users trying all sorts of workarounds. Black screen is a long-standing bug in Android Auto that has slowly impacted many other applications running on the platform. Google Maps, like Spotify, also struggled with a black screen at one point, but an app update finally got things back to normal for everyone.

So at least Google knew where to look for solutions. The search company quietly fixed the bug in the latest Android Auto and Waze updates, but only for beta users so far. Android Auto 8.8 and Waze 4.91 beta builds return to normal without any black screens. The new version is still in beta development, so only testers can try it out for now, but it’s only a matter of time before Google rolls out the update to production devices as well. If you’re comfortable getting the latest builds on your device, you can always download the new version of his APK installer as well.


If not, a new update should roll out to all users in the coming weeks. No official announcement yet. This is probably because Google wants to see if the implemented fix fixes Waze’s black screen for everyone. Waze 4.91 Beta also includes another major update. Navigation apps now support the Coolwalk redesign in Android Auto, as they can run with dedicated navigation maps in split view screens. Coolwalk is currently being rolled out to Android Auto users in phases, with the rollout being driven by Google using a server-side approach.