Google is quietly adding Android Auto support to one of its apps

Google is quietly adding Android Auto support to one of its apps

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  • Needless to say, such an ambitious plan means Google must make Google Chat available everywhere, as users must be able to stay in touch with contacts in the most convenient way. While Google Chat is already available on Android, iPhone, and the web, it was clearly just a matter of time until Google brought it to the car as well. And this happened in the most recent update, as user slinky317 says on reddit that Google Chat showed up in the Android Auto app list after installing the most recent version. In other words, Google Chat now fully supports Android Auto, and whenever a new message is received, the notification shows up on the head unit in the car.

  • Google Chat has been quietly upgraded to include Android Auto functionality, with the latest version purportedly allowing notifications to be displayed in the car as well. Android Auto has a user interface. Google Chat, which began as Hangouts Chat but evolved into a full-fledged replacement for Hangouts, is an important part of Google’s long-term plan. Earlier this year, the Mountain View-based search giant revealed that Google Chat would replace Hangouts as its primary chat programme moving forward.

As it’s the case with the other messaging apps already offering Android Auto support, the notification can be read by Google Assistant. The version that’s bringing Google Chat to Android Auto is 2022.04.03.443106454.Release, and while the APK installer that allows for a manual update is already available online, the rollout through the Google Play Store is currently in the early phases. It shouldn’t take too long before this feature becomes available for all users, however.

At this point, Google is yet to publicly announce the integration of Android Auto support in Google Chat, so I’ve reached out to the company to ask for a confirmation and some additional information on this front.

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