Google is developing a new Android Auto button for song recommendations and breaking news

Google is developing a new Android Auto button for song recommendations and breaking news

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  • Source: u/sccabrian (Reddit) (Image credit: Source: u/sccabrian (Reddit))
    The button comes in the form of a music note icon and sits next to the player controls. When tapped, it surfaces the “Media picks for your drive” window with an automated selection of media and content from Spotify and Google News, for example. The suggestions are based on your content preference. The horizontal list of suggested media and content disappears once you’ve taken your pick, after which the playback starts. Android Police notes that the recommendations are pulled from some of the best Android Auto apps installed in your infotainment unit. The feature comes in handy for those that have access to it since it lets them easily pick songs they like to listen to while keeping their focus on the road.

  • Through a new shortcut button, Android Auto begins displaying recommended news and music on your dashboard panel. The experimental capability retrieves content from your infotainment system’s loaded apps. For the time being, it appears to be confined to a small number of users. Google has discreetly added a new button to Android Auto that displays a carousel of cards with suggested music, podcasts, and news. The shortcut button, discovered by Reddit user u/sccabrian, appears to be a test for the time being, since it does not appear to be generally available.

In its present state, it looks like there’s no way you can disable the experimental feature, assuming it’s live for you. There’s no option as well to adjust what type of content shows up in the suggestion cards, but these capabilities are expected to be added in the future. That said, there’s no official word for now as to when and if the feature rolls out to everyone. At present, its availability appears to be limited and activated only through a server-side update. Jay Bonggolto always keeps a nose for news. He is a tech journalist based in the Philippines who has been writing about consumer tech for the past six years and has been using various Android phones since falling in love with Jelly Bean. When he’s not writing, he likes to spend time outside, stealing scenes with his phone camera.

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