Google IO roundup: Google Glass is back, Pixel 6a and 7 are introduced and the Pixel Watch is here

Google IO roundup: Google Glass is back, Pixel 6a and 7 are introduced and the Pixel Watch is here

Tech Highlights:

  • Here’s all the stuff that happened at the event, and you can see it appearing in real-time below: Google Pixel 7 has been ‘announced’, months before it’s expected to launch. Android tablets might finally get that iPad-beating update with Android 13. A brand-new Google Pixel Tablet is coming, and it looks like a Home Hub let loose. The Pixel Buds Pro are the AirPods Pro rivals we’ve been waiting for. Google Pixel 6a announced to take on iPhone SE 3 at Google IO 2022.

  • If you missed it, a sluggish Google IO session rose to a massive crescendo towards the conclusion of the marathon two-hour event – what began as a dreary look at minor Maps upgrades concluded with the first glimpse at Google’s new Glass prototype. Before that, we got our first look at Android 13, saw the new Pixel 6a phone (which will be available in July for $449), and were shown the Pixel Buds Pro, which will be available for $199 at the same time. But there’s more: the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have been teased for a fall release, where they’ll be accompanied by the new Pixel Watch, implying that the item seen in the restaurant was genuine.

Google Lens’s new mode makes shopping dangerously easy. Android 13 announced at Google IO 2022: everything we know so far This secret Google IO announcement is big news for fitness fans. Can Google + Matter solve the biggest issue with smarthome tech? Google’s Skin Tone research is helping to make more inclusive AI Stop talking to Google Voice Assistant like a robot with new upgrades at Google IO 2022 Google Maps brings immersive imagery, new features and more at Google IO 2022. Google to update Multisearch feature with new features, local business information If you want to see that full Google Glass prototype video, here it is. I urge you to watch it – it’s pretty cool and this could have just changed the game for those thinking that Apple Glasses would come first.

Will this be a big deal? Only time will tell, but it will certainly help the likes of Samsung, who collaborated on the new API, take the fight to Apple with its centralized Health app. OK, we’re definitely done now – thank you so much for following along with this epic conference, which started so slowly and ended with a buzzer-beater of a reveal. Stay tuned to all the impending coverage on TechRadar – I get the feeling we’ve got a lot to talk about. OK, those look like prototypes, as there’s very little else about them on stage – but that’s massive. Easily the star of the show, even if they’re years away.

This is something that’s probably not going to get a lot of attention at the moment, but should: Google has announced Health Connect, a new API that’s going to allow your health data to be shared more easily between apps. Right now, it’s a bit of a tricky thing to pass data across, but Health Connect allows you to suck all key information (like activity, sleep, nutrition, body measurements and vitals) and place it in one storage spot on the phone. From there, and with ‘granular’ permission, apps can then read said data and give you a more full-bodied experience – apps like MyFitnessPal have already signed up.

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