Google intends to update Chrome for Android with specialized shopping bookmarks

Google intends to update Chrome for Android with specialized shopping bookmarks

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  • What does this new shopping bookmarks tool look like on Android?
    As noted already, the deeper details about how this would look and work are still obscured. But there has been some indication as to how this will work at its basest level. Summarily, users will be able to keep tabs of products open for use in price tracking. That’s not different from how Price Tracker currently works at all. They’ll also be notified by Chrome when a discount for their tracked products appears online. But with the new shopping bookmarks feature, Android Chrome users will also be able to save the product for later or dismiss it.

  • A dedicated shopping application for Google Chrome for Android that automatically remembers bookmarks and compares prices may soon be available. According to newly found code and a new flag in the Chromium Gerrit code repository, that is the case. In terms of finer details, the modifications in question remain largely obscure. However, the idea that can be deciphered indicates that the function, internally known as “Wall-e,” will combine elements of bookmarking with the just recently released Price Tracker on Android.

When saved, Chrome will add the item to a bookmark in its own folder in the browser. And that list will be filled in with sorting based on when the item was added. Effectively turning the bookmark folder into a dedicated shopping list for price drops and discounts. Now, there’s nothing indicating exactly when users should expect to see the new feature making an appearance in Chrome on Android. And, similarly, there’s nothing to indicate whether or not desktop users will be treated to the same feature. The bookmark folder itself will undoubtedly appear in the same place as others on desktop Chrome. That’s regardless of whether or not it can be added to automatically via alerts as it does on Android.

But the current version of Android Chrome Canary, where this will first make an appearance, doesn’t feature the tool just yet. That’s Chrome version 93. It could still be added in time for Chrome 94, which is slated to land on September 21. But, at this point, that’s still conjecture until more details emerge in the code itself or from Google.

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