Google has unlocked a plethora of new Android features

Google has unlocked a plethora of new Android features

Points Highlighted:

  • It’s a pushy parent’s dream, allowing select family members (or the Supreme Flatshare Leader) to set up reminder-style alerts on their Android phone, home speaker, or smart display that then gets beamed out to everyone else’s devices in the house or barked out by your communal smart home gadgets. Google suggests this will be useful for things like reminding your kids it’s breakfast time and staying on track during the holidays. Take that, gentle knock on the door followed by real human interaction!

  • Android Auto will now also launch automatically when you connect your Android phone to a compatible car. Additional features incoming include being able to initiate a smart reply to text messages using Google Assistant voice controls, as well as a new always-on play button on the Home screen for one-tap music playback. Elsewhere, there are updated widgets for YouTube Music, Google Play Books and Google Photos, while Photos is also getting a new feature called Photos’ Memories, which will show you curated pics and videos from selected events like New Year’s Eve in your photo library.

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