Google has removed Smart Reply from the Voice app for Android and iOS

News Summary:

  • The removal is confirmed in the Google Voice release notes on the Play Store and App Store.
    The report states that “Smart Reply is no longer supported.” However, a standalone “Switch Access” app from the Android Accessibility Suite released by Google is now available on the Play Store. Instead of using the display, the app allows the user to communicate with his Android device using one or more switches or keyboards. “Control your phone or tablet with switches or the front-facing camera.” You can use switches to select items, scroll, enter text, and more.

  • According to a new report from 9to5Google, Google has removed Smart Reply suggestions from its Android and iOS Voice apps. Smart Reply suggestions were appearing at the bottom of messages when using the Voice app. Google discontinued the feature less than a year after Google launched it last February. This simple feature was based on recently received messages and offered up to 3 relevant replies in a pop-up pill. These pills will appear above the “Type your message” section, and tapping any of them will instantly send a Smart Reply.

Switch Access is useful when you cannot directly interact with the device as described on the Via Switch Access page. The app scans the items on the user’s screen and highlights each item until the user selects it.