Google has finally put an end to Android Auto for phones

Google has finally put an end to Android Auto for phones

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  • In case this isn’t an option, Google hopes everybody would make the switch to the driving mode bundled with Google Assistant. Specifically developed to replace Android Auto for phones, the new driving mode uses a familiar interface, and it provides easy access to phone calls, messages, playing music, and so on. In many ways, the driving mode is an evolved version of Android Auto for phones, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready to become a full-time replacement. Not at all, actually, as users have been complaining of all kinds of problems and feature limitations that eventually make the demise of Android Auto for phones even more critical.

  • Everyone expected it, but it appears that Google has finally discontinued Android Auto for phones once and for all. The company began presenting a warning on devices where Android Auto for Phone Screens was still installed a few weeks ago, informing all users that the app’s doom was imminent. And now, according to customers who still use Android Auto for their daily driving, the app has ceased working, and activating it simply goes to the Android Auto settings page. Google says on this screen that Android Auto is exclusively available on car screens, and that the only way to utilise it is to connect the mobile device to a compatible head unit.

For the time being, an official announcement on the death of Android Auto for phones is yet to be released, so if the app is still working on your device, the retirement is probably taking place in stages. In other words, it shouldn’t take long before the app stops working on your mobile device as well, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent this from happening. If anything, you can try out the new driving mode today, just to make sure you’re up-to-date when the time comes.

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