Google Fired 48 Employees For Sexual Harassment

SAN FRANCISCO – Google has announced that it has discharged 48 workers for sexual harassment in the past two years and dismissed them without severance pay, a few hours after the announcement of an article that alleged executives were protected from sexual misconduct and offered large amounts of money to leave.

The Thursday surprise announcement came in an e-mail that CEO Sundar Pichai sent to Google employees. This was a direct response to a message from the New York Times that the company had dismissed the manager responsible for his Android software for sexual misconduct in 2014 and had paid him generously before his departure.

A spokesman for Andy Rubin, former head of Android, said he left on his own initiative and that he had never been informed of any charges of sexual misconduct. Rubin acknowledges having consensual sex with Google employees who have not reported to him, so he is currently meeting the limits set out in Google's policies, said spokesperson Sam Singer.

In his e-mail, Pichai said that in 2015, Google had adopted stricter rules. According to these rules, all senior vice presidents and vice presidents of Google must disclose any relationship with an employee, even if they do not work in the same department or if they have another potential conflict.

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