Google claims that with Android 12 it’s fashionable to be spherical

Google claims that with Android 12 it's fashionable to be spherical

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  • And now, according to 9to5Google, the Alphabet subsidiary has made another change. With the “Popup on keypress” setting enabled, pressing on a letter will extend it out in a rectangular box. That is unless you’re running on Android 12 which changes the rectangle to a circle. And instead of having the letter pressed down disappearing, that key will be filled in with color (note the accompanying images). Whether the “Popup on keypress” setting is toggled on or off, tapping on a letter will also provide other feedback include vibration and a sound.

  • Huey Lewis’ single “Hip To Be Square” was published in 1986. However, Google feels that being round, as in a circle, is now fashionable. As a result, in Android 12, several of the components on the Gboard QWERTY keyboard app have been altered from squares to circles.

Android 12 will replace some of the squares and rectangles used on Gboard with circles – Google says that with Android 12, it’s hip to be round. Android 12 will replace some of the squares and rectangles used on Gboard with circles. Circles now appear when you long-press the comma key to see settings and to turn on one-handed mode. A rounded panel is also now seen when holding the period key for more punctuation choices. The new Material You circular pop-up is rolling out with the latest Gboard beta (version 10.9). So if you’re an Android user, the next Android build might make you less square. We could be a couple of weeks away or less from the release of Android 12.

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