Google and Apple dominate the market with their standard apps

Google and Apple dominate the market with their standard apps

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  • Google & Apple dominate the competition with their default apps
    What’s interesting is that Apple Maps and Music don’t appear on the iOS list at all, while Gmail is close to Apple Mail on that list. You can check both lists for iOS and Android in the image below. As you can see, Apple Phone, Weather, Photos, Camera, Clock, Messages, and App Store are leading the race here. In fact, out of the top 20 applications on iOS, only 5 are not issued by Apple.

  • According to a recent Comscore analysis, Google and Apple provide the vast majority of the most popular mobile apps in the United States. These apps are actually pre-installed, according to the survey, and it is undeniable that Google and Apple dominate the market with their standard apps. The Verge was the only publication to share this report, which was commissioned by Facebook. According to the survey, commonplace apps like clocks, photographs, and weather are in high demand. It implies that third-party apps have a difficult time competing in these markets.

Things are not that much different on Android either. The top 20 applications are Google Play, Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Facebook and Facebook Messenger managed to squeeze in the fourth and fifth place, and following that, we see five additional apps from Google. Those apps are Google Maps, Drive, Photos, Contacts, and camera. 12 out of 20 most popular apps on Android are issued by Google. Out of 20 top applications on Android, 8 are not issued by Google, the rest of them are. So, the situation is a bit different than on iOS, but not by much. Default apps rule both operating systems.

Facebook said that it issued this study in order to point to the “impact of pre-installed apps on the competitive app ecosystem”. Apple called the findings “seriously flawed”. Apple’s spokesperson said that this study was “narrowly tailored to give the false impression that there’s little competition on the App Store”. All in all, the study is quite interesting, though not surprising. People are used to using default apps on both platforms. That comes with the territory, they’re used to it, and they work well.

In order to compile this report, Comscore used tat it regularly gathers from apps and websites, it is stated. It also surveyed roughly 4,000 people, asking them about the default apps they used during the month of November (2020).

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