Google allegedly paid tens of millions for Stadia ports

Google reportedly paid tens of millions for Stadia ports

A new report has been released by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier detailing the current status of Google’s Stadia streaming platform. The piece gives a brief rundown of Stadia’s difficult evolution, and mostly focuses on the decision to launch Stadia as a traditional console that will immediately compete with Playstation and Xbox, rather than a slower rollout like streaming competitors xCloud and Luna.

The developers on the Stadia team were concerned that the tough fall 2019 deadline wouldn’t give them enough time to deliver all of the features it promised, and they felt that Google should launch Stadia in beta, as it has for many of their others Services was the case. Phil Harrison, the head of the Stadia project, was more used to traditional console launches, however, as he was and wanted to be president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios when the Playstation 3 launched and part of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment team when the Xbox One launched To continue along the path with which he was more familiar.

Knowing he would need big titles to lure players into the studios, Harrison’s team reportedly spent more than the budget of some AAA games just to secure the ports. Although exact numbers are not given, according to several anonymous sources Schreier spoke to for the story, Google was spending “tens of millions” of dollars on ports like Red Dead Redemption II or The Division 2 (Schreier made it clear in a later tweet that this was the case was tens of millions per port, not cumulative).

Harrison also began building an in-house development team to create exclusive content for Stadia. Unfortunately, Stadia didn’t catch on – according to Schreier’s sources, it missed its goals for controller sales and monthly active users by hundreds of thousands – which resulted in Google closing its in-house game development studios on February 1 of this year.

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