Google AdSense for Android has stopped working

Google AdSense for Android has stopped working

Tech Highlights:

  • More importantly, you get an “Error occurred, try again later” toast message. No troubleshooting step, including clearing cache/storage, resolves this problem of empty stats throughout. Meanwhile, the application was delisted from both app stores in April of 2020, so you can’t delete and reinstall. This shutdown was originally supposed to occur two years ago, but it was delayed in typical Google fashion. The company also said that AdSense for Android and iOS would be “deprecated in the coming months” back in 2019, but the app continued working normally until this week. The only notice was in Notifications:

  • Google said in 2019 that it was “sunsetting” AdSense for Android and iOS, instructing users to just check their online advertising profits on the website. However, the native Android app continued to function normally until this week, when it was rendered inoperable. 8/17 update: AdSense for iPhone and iPad has ceased working in the last several days. It’s a shame Google didn’t provide a clear deprecation notice. 8/13 original: When you open the app today, you’ll see a yellow spinner that ultimately flips to “No data” and the AdSense logo, which was never changed to the new look that incorporates pill-shaped lines and a splash of green to complement the yellow and blue.

We’re no longer supporting this app. For a better mobile experience go to AdSense works just fine on the web and is much more modern, but you lack homescreen widgets and a convenient icon. There’s, unfortunately, no Progressive Web App with the standard “Add to Home screen” option in Chrome creating a regular shortcut that keeps the regular browser UI intact. Meanwhile, AdSense for iOS continues to work today, but Google will presumably make whatever change it made on Android to Apple’s platform in the near future.

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