Gollum is delaying The Precious on PS5, PS4 for ‘Several Months’ in The Lord of the Rings

Gollum is delaying The Precious on PS5, PS4 for 'Several Months' in The Lord of the Rings

Tech Highlights:

  • Yes, the game has been pushed back “by a few months”, with no firm date just yet. It sounds like the delay is simply “in order to deliver the best possible experience”, meaning a little more time getting that extra TLC. What’s interesting is the new Lord of the Rings show, The Rings of Power, is set to debut on 2nd September, so that cross-pollination potential is somewhat lost.

  • Let’s face it: The Lord of the Rings: Hasn’t Gollum been looking a little worn out lately? The game, from what little we’ve seen so far, seems to fall short of what we’d anticipate from a game in this brand. You play as the notorious character who is fascinated with the One Ring. Recently, the game was given a release date of September 1st, however it appears the studio has chosen to scrap that date, postponing the game indefinitely.

Still, hopefully the game will be worth the wait. Fingers crossed it’ll be in better shape when we next see it. Are you excited for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum? Tell a riddle in the comments section below. The Last of Us: Part I’s Emotional Intro on PS5 Has Leaked TopAbout UsStaffArchiveScoring PolicyPrivacy & CookiesAdvertising PolicyTerms of UseDevelopersContactCookie SettingsDesktop Version

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