Goldman Sachs researcher: Apple catches up with MacBook iPhone requirement

Goldman Sachs researcher: Apple catches up with MacBook iPhone requirement

Points Highlighted:

  • iPhones sales continues to be solid

  • At the moment, it is being predicted that only the new MacBook Pro models and the iPhone models which have been in short supply will be easily available. There has been no word on the Apple Watch’s supply, at least as of yet.

“MacBook Pro lead times remain elevated but have been steadily reducing since the launch on 18 October,” reads the research note published by Goldman Sachs. “What we do believe from the data is that Apple’s supply is gradually catching up to demand for both iPhone and Macs at this point in the cycle.”

“Lead times for the [16-inch] models are holding up in Europe vs. last week but were down in other regions,” the Goldman Sachs researchers write. “We believe this is consistent with an early pulse of demand for these high end laptops from power users who tend to buy early with supply now catching up to demand.”

The iPhone 13 Pro has been in short supply but it has not put off interested people. The shipping times have been long but the sales reportedly have been pretty solid. The potential buyers did not end up buying some other brand’s device.

The research notes goes on to add that the shipping times of the MacBooks have been reduced by 4 to 7 days. The comparison has been made compared to the shipping times of the previous weeks. The supply is expected to improve going forward.

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