Godfall update: PS5 VRR support, cosmetic items missing in PS4 version

Godfall update: PS5 VRR support, cosmetic items missing in PS4 version

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  • This update is focused on stability and bug fixes, and players may encounter a brief maintenance window as the update finishes deployment. Patch Notes: https://t.co/gzZT1S9cjQ pic.twitter.com/aIWxc57Gv9— Godfall (@PlayGodfall) June 6, 2022 Godfall is a game that sadly turned out to be pretty average, which is a shame, considering it looked pretty good pre-release. Drawing gameplay inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise, and with its world and lore taking their queues from the likes of Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson and Isaac Asimov, Godfall had so much potential, but it just never came together.

  • Is Godfall still being played? The Gearbox-developed PlayStation console exclusive has recently gotten a big update that adds Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) compatibility to the PS5 version of the game, among other repairs and quality of life enhancements. There’s also a workaround for a severe glitch that was impacting PS4 Ultimate Edition users who couldn’t get their hands on the additional cosmetic items they paid for. Update 5.1.23 has now been released for all versions of Godfall on PC and Console.

Up to 64 cores of sheer power in your workstation to quickly beat any challenge. Explore, iterate, and render time irrelevant. A force of ingenuity. Learn More. Then there was that weird Challenger Edition that came to PS Plus back in December that threw players right into the endgame. Still not entirely sure what that was about, actually. How did you feel about Godfall, did you give it a shot? Buckle on your Valorplate in the comments section below.

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