Go from iPhone 12 Mini until SE 2020?

Go from iPhone 12 Mini until SE 2020?

First of all, I would like to apologize if my post isn’t very well written – I’m new here. I’ve read this forum for a long time but never felt the need to create an account as all the information I needed was wonderfully answered by other people before me. So … I’ve only been using iPhones since 2013. I’m a tiny woman with super tiny hands, which already makes it a lot harder to find a device that is fine with me. 😳

I had that iPhone 7 took a REALLY long battery change and eventually it got so bad I had to find a new one alternative. I recently decided to upgrade to the 12 Mini, which was a lot of money for me at first, but I thought it would be a good investment for my future. I use my iPad mini and MacBook pro for most things, so I only use my phone for phone calls, texts (mostly WhatsApp), taking pictures, sending / listening to voice memos … for social media and for the things I do mainly on my iPad.

I feel bad and stupid for feeling the way I do, but somehow I haven’t been too happy with my choice since moving. 😞 I miss the home button very much and since having this phone I have had headaches so often that I’m not sure if it is related to the other screen. I often find it quite uncomfortable to look at the display and I find it uncomfortable to reply to messages because it gives me a headache. In addition, as I said, I really miss the home button. I’m not a fan of Face ID and here where I live face masks have been mandatory for almost a full year making them impossible to use.

I am tempted to sell my new 12 mini to buy the SE 2020 which seems to be the dream phone for someone like me BUT I am worried about the battery. That made me want to get the 12 mini instead of the SE. I’ve done so much research and all I see is people saying that within weeks or a couple of months their battery levels will drop dramatically and the phone will stop working properly. I guess what I want to ask is Would it be incredibly stupid of me to sell the Mini to buy a phone that is apparently so much worse than people say? It has everything I want and need except the battery like I said it scares me because I don’t want to be in a situation where I would need my phone and it would die of me.

I know we are going through unprecedented times and I feel bad worrying about something this superficial, but it matters to me because I plan to keep the device for a really long time. Any thoughts?

Please forgive the length of the post, I don’t know how to explain myself without telling the full story, haha, I hope everyone who reads this (and comes to terms with me) has a nice day! 😀

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