Glen Allison is appointed Chief Operating Officer by Cameo, a seasoned technology veteran

Glen Allison is appointed Chief Operating Officer by Cameo, a seasoned technology veteran

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  • Allison joins Cameo as the platform continues to expand beyond its original video ad product to provide a host of new ways for the thousands of talent on her platform to connect with consumers and brands. New fan experiences include the newly launched Cameo Live, which offers video calls to up to 10 fans at a time, Cameo Pass, the company’s exclusive Web3 community, and merchandise Acquired celebrity by a Representative.

  • Cameo, the premier marketplace that connects global talent with fans and brands, today announced the appointment of Glen Allison as CEO. Allison brings diverse business experiences from a decades-long career with major tech companies including AOL, Microsoft, and Twitter. Most recently, he was also the first and only COO of online coupon aggregator Honey, where he guided the company through four years of explosive growth culminating in the PayPal acquisition. worth $4 billion by 2020.

The burgeoning B2B arm, Cameo for Business, offers brands of all sizes the opportunity to work with celebrities on everything from events to private marketing campaigns, including new one’s campaign created by the new Snapchat x Cameo Advertiser program. Allison will use her experience to optimize Cameo’s operations during this growth period, empowering the company’s 200+ employees to give their best, and help Cameo CEO and co-founder Steven Galanis spend more time with external stakeholders, including talent, customers, partners, and brand investors.

“Glen has been involved in all aspects of the technology business, from software engineering and program management to developing corporate partnerships and even managing a growing team of 400+ people fast at Honey,” Galanis said. “This experience, and especially his skilled approach to cultivating a culture of keeping employees happy and engaged, will be invaluable in helping us succeed in our growth phase. next”. Allison’s appointment is effective immediately.

“I met Steven two years ago, and the more I get to know him and understand his vision, the more excited I am about what Cameo can become,” Allison said. “Joining the company gives me the opportunity to help realize the company’s vision for multiple product lines while continuing to build a culture of high-performing employees. Transforming an industry like this. Cameo has made so far just the surface”.

Cameo is the first marketplace to connect fans and brands directly with tens of thousands of pop culture individuals through personalized video messaging, engaging fan experiences, and partnerships. marketing and events. Founded in March 2017, Cameo’s mission is to create the most personalized and authentic experiences for fans on Earth. In just over five years, Cameo has achieved over 4 million magical moments ranging from birthday messages and good luck to prom invitations, marriage proposals, and live interactions with fans on every continent.

In the world, the platform has also raised over $1.5 million for a variety of charities through its Cameo Cares program.

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