Geoff Keighley discusses 2021 Game Awards, next-gen and delays

Geoff Keighley discusses 2021 Game Awards, next-gen and delays

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  • Despite the fact that next-gen gaming began in November of last year, Keighley believes that due to delays, we haven’t seen a lot of fresh next-gen IP. As a result, there’s a broad agreement that games for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S don’t utilise the new hardware exclusively.

  • Some of the games that were meant to be presented during last year’s event were delayed because to pandemic-related delays, and they’ll “probably” be announced at the 2021 show instead, according to Game Awards producer and host Geoff Keighley.

A lot of stuff has been delayed. I have games that we were going to announce last year at The Game Awards, and we’re probably going to announce this year. They were delayed at least a full year.

Even though people are buying the systems, they don’t have those true next-gen showcase titles to play. They are coming. Those are the ones that have been delayed. Performance capture is really hard to do in the middle of Covid. All of these story games that we love take a lot of time to make.

The thing that I think has happened with a lot of these next-gen boxes is people buy them yet play their old games on them. They look better, right? It’s a better quality of life. The attach rate with these new systems has not been great, partially because of the Game Pass thing, but also to play Warzone or Fortnite or stuff they already have.

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