Genshin Impact’s turn-based RPG is coming next month

News Summary:

  • During a live stream earlier today, developer MiHoYo announced that Honkai: Star Rail will launch on April 26 with the pre-load available on April 23. PC players can get it. game through the official launcher or the Epic Games Store. The game’s first story installment or version (although it’s a debut), is called “The Rail Unto the Stars” and will be your introduction to its sci-fi world. . Honkai: Star Rail is set in the same universe as 2016’s Honkai Impact 3 and even has some returning characters. But you don’t have to play the old game to understand the new one. It is set many years in the future and has a distinct story.

  • In Honkai: Star Rail, you travel through space on a flying train blessed by a god who may or may not be dead. You amass anime allies and battle anime foes. You can play it for free starting next month; it’s essentially Genshin Impact in space.

Honkai: Star Rail is a free gacha game just like its predecessor, so there are tons of characters to roll the dice, each with different abilities to aid you in your turn-based battle. Surname. Enemies have basic weaknesses and you need to build a team to exploit them.

The game attracted more than five million pre-registrations last month, which means Genshin Impact will have some competition, if you can call it that.

Genshin Impact players will get used to building teams of four and equipping them with grindable gear, but Honkai: Star Rail isn’t exactly an open-world game. You travel to planets and explore them to develop a semi-linear story about an invading force of evil monsters. Your main character, be it male or female, contains something called “Cancer of all Worlds”, which seems to be something you’ll be trying to fix as the story continues in the updates. Japan in the future. Otherwise… yuck. I played extensively the latest beta test of the game and was impressed by its top-notch combat animations and its legitimately enjoyable writing. Compared to Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail has a slightly more adult feel and is a lot more online: there are back-to-back jokes and an entire text messaging system with emojis. There is also a side quest where you talk to a tree.