GeForce Now has support for M1 Macs with an update

GeForce Now has support for M1 Macs with an update

Streaming games has opened up a myriad of opportunities for new devices to step into high-end gaming, no matter what device they own. While Apple’s new M1 Macs are more than capable of playing high-end games, not many are optimized. Because of this, it’s good news that Nvidia has added official support for M1 Macs on GeForce Now.

GeForce Now is a game streaming service for PC games. The technology behind it is similar to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, but instead of streaming service-specific titles, approved games can be streamed from Steam, the Epic Games Store, and other sources developed for the PC.

On a Mac, GeForce Now runs via an app that was technically developed for older Intel Macs. With the latest update, Nvidia has confirmed that GeForce Now has added full support for the M1 chip, although the app continues to be provided via Rosetta 2 on newer Macs. You can download the GeForce Now client from Nvidia’s website.

Our latest client version also provides official support for Macs with the new Apple M1 chip through Rosetta 2. For Apple products with the new chip, you will be prompted to install Rosetta if you have not already done so before using the GeForce Install the NOW app.

At the same time, Nvidia has expanded support for GeForce Now to the Chrome browser on Windows and MacOS. Instead of installing a local client, you can just go Sign in to the Chrome browser and start playback. GeForce Now also runs on a web client iPhone and iPad.

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