Fujifilm files patent for foldable Phone

Fujifilm files patent for foldable Phone

Points Highlighted:

  • The popular foldable phone form factor that manufacturers are choosing is the typical smartphone that will open up to reveal a moderately sized tablet; this is also what Fujifilm is going for. Based on the renders (from Technizo Concept) and the patent image, there’s nothing much separating this design from the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

  • The Fujifilm foldable phone is like your typical foldable smartphone with a large chin

The main visual trait that sticks out is the large chin under the inner display. It’s much bigger than the other foldable phones that we see nowadays. This might turn a lot of people away from the product, as companies have been striving to kill off the bezel for years.

Even though there’s not much to go off of with these images, the external display looks like it will be a good size. Samsung, being the first one to bring foldable phones to the market, showed the world that the exterior screen is just as important as the folding one.  The first Galaxy Fold’s screen was pretty small and tedious to use.

When closed, the device looks pretty nice

The Fujifilm Fold looks like it’ll have a pretty large outer display. It looks like it will have a smaller chin than the interior display, which is important; even though the point of a foldable phone is to unfold, it’s still important to perform tasks without unfolding.

We’re wondering about the camera package

We’re certain that there will be a typical camera package on the outside of the Fujifilm Fold, but the selfie camera is a mystery. There’s no punch-hole or notch indicated, so this might actually be an under-display camera, but take this with a grain of salt. OEMs are slowly starting to put their cameras under the display.

Expect this phone to have a stylus support Many people expressed their joy when Samsung announced that it made the Galaxy Fold 3 S-Pen compatible. According to the documentation and Let’s Go Digital, it looks like Fujifilm will be following in Samsung’s footsteps. We’re not sure if this will be a typical stylus pen or a smart stylus like the S Pen.

For the time being, it’s anyone’s guess whether we’ll actually see this product or not. It’s a gigantic undertaking jumping from cameras to foldable phones. TCL teased that it was going to launch a foldable this year, but that fell through. Only time will tell if Samsung will have some competition soon.

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