Fugro and Planblue Join Forces to Revolutionize Habitat Mapping Technology

Fugro and Planblue Join Forces to Revolutionize Habitat Mapping Technology

Fugro and PlanBlue Partner to Revolutionize Habitat Mapping Technology

Essential Takeaways: Fugro and PlanBlue are joining forces to push the boundaries of habitat mapping technology. By integrating cutting-edge imaging and AI-based processing into Fugro’s hydrographic solutions, the partnership aims to enhance the understanding and conservation of critical marine ecosystems like seagrass and corals. This collaboration seeks to revolutionize underwater mapping, providing faster, more accurate, and comprehensive data for informed decision-making in ocean conservation.

Key Tech Insight: The development of advanced technology and analytics from PlanBlue, integrated into Fugro’s systems, will lead to innovative solutions that positively impact the environment and various sectors. This partnership is a significant step towards accelerating the collection of insights about marine habitats, essential for meaningful policy decisions in the blue economy and contributing to global sustainability goals.

As Fugro’s Solution Director for Ocean Science and Hydrography, Dr. Marco Filippone expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the potential to lead the industry in providing cutting-edge solutions. Dr. Hannah Brocke, Co-founder and CSO at PlanBlue, emphasized the importance of scaling business operations to have a growing impact on coastal resilience and contribute to global initiatives like the UN Decade of Ocean Science and Seabed 2030.

This collaboration signifies a significant advancement in habitat mapping technology, with the potential to drive positive change in ocean conservation efforts and sustainable resource management. Stay tuned for more updates on how Fugro and PlanBlue are reshaping the future of underwater mapping and marine ecosystem preservation.