From Forza Horizon 5 to Epic Games, Xbox’s friendsgiving idea has laughed a lot

From Forza Horizon 5 to Epic Games, Xbox's friendsgiving idea has laughed a lot

Tech Highlights:

  • Xbox revealed that Forza Horizon 5, the latest series from Playground Games, has become the biggest in the history of the Xbox brand. Since it started two weeks ago, Playground Games has divulged that Forza Horizon 5 has been able to add ten million players total, making it the largest release of its 20 years.

  • Thanksgiving is almost around the corner, and it has instilled in the world a powerful emotion: gratitude. Xbox used this opportunity to invite the community to a prospective Thanksgiving party, and they sought for suggestions. Every fan-favorite title rushed to the thread, which drew reactions from the gaming’s who’s who.
    Each one is carrying a unique present that will undoubtedly add to the festive atmosphere. Fans would have a great time only if this virtual crossover celebration could happen. With Avengers, Marvel once again assembled the finest group of heroes, and it appears that the American studio is following suit.

Xbox and Playground Games used its official Twitter account for Forza Horizon within the past day to share this huge news with fans. The account stated that this account was the biggest first to the first week in Xbox history. As previously stated, this total of 10 million player was accumulated within one week of launch; this total was certainly climbed higher over the course of the past few days.

Forza Horizon (@ForzaHorizon) November 19-2021

Congratulations to more than 10M fans for the biggest first week of @Xbox and #ForzaHorizon5 that had it all that the best in the world. GG!

In general, the announcement seems to not be as surprising as a radio or television announcement. Although many people think that a game in the Halo series is certainly the biggest of all games, the sheer accessibility of Forza Horizon 5 certainly contributed to the number of players. It’s available in PC, but also in second worlds with Xbox One and Xbox X, and it’s also available in PC, as well as all other first-party titles from Xbox Game Studios. The fact that the game was announced on Xbox Game Pass certainly helped many fans with the experience of playing that game more easily, because it was enough for many fans to have an experience with it.

That Forza Horizon 5 is just a huge game, so it surely makes a lot of money. If you don’t read the title review on, then you can read it by clicking here.

What do you think Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest release ever for Xbox? Do you think this record will be short-lived after Halo Infinite releasing within a couple of weeks?

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