Free Play Days: Download and Play These Xbox Games (June 23-26)

Free Play Days: Download and Play These Xbox Games (June 23-26)

Tech Highlights:

  • TheHunter: Call of the Wild and Rainbow Six Siege are included in the normal Game Pass library, so if you’re a member, there’s no rush to try them over the weekend. Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition is on sale at a whopping 85% off, so that’s a solid option for picking up after the free period. That makes Riptide less than £2 in the UK! Will you be giving any of these a go over the weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.

  • For another weekend of Xbox free-to-play excitement, Free Play Days is here. Three games, including Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft, are temporarily available for free play this weekend. As per usual, Xbox Live Gold is required to play any of these titles over the upcoming weekend, or, of course, Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes a Gold subscription.

Microsoft is working on an upgrade to its Phone Link software that will add a search bar and correct several problems, enabling smartphones to be controlled in Windows 11. The software connects to your Android smartphone and is available on the Microsoft Store(opens in new tab) and the Google Play Store(opens in new tab). From there, you may browse images, make and receive calls, drag and drop files, send and receive messages, and more on Windows 11. Microsoft has been focusing on other products, like Paint and Windows Media Player, in the interim to give them significant changes, despite Phone Link getting a new design and moniker earlier in the year. However, Phone Link is now once more receiving some attention.


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