Free for a Limited Time on Steam, Highly Rated Game

News Summary:

  • Sludge Life is presented as a first-person open world, with a focus on graffiti and vandalism. Directed by Adam “Doseone” Drucker and Terri Vellmann duo, and published by Devolver Digital, this is the pair’s second attempt after the 2017 release of High Hell. Sludge Life was released in 2017. 2021 as a PC exclusive and is instead free to download from the Epic Games Store for an entire year. That deal has since expired, and since the game was released, it’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

  • A popular game on Steam that, according to Steam User Reviews, is free for a limited time, thanks to Devolver Digital. And the timing of the deal is perfect as the sequel to the game in question has just been announced and will be released later this year. The offer is only available until March 30, but once redeemed, the game will be yours forever, with no strings attached. As for the game, it’s Mud Life, which normally costs $14.99.

“Sludge Life is a spoiler-centered, open-world, first-person ride through a polluted island full of grumpy idiots and an atmosphere so thick you can taste it, ” an official text on the game writes. “Roam a small island stranded on a mud-covered planet as an aspiring GHOST tagger who is about to claim his place in the graffiti elite. Search the company’s brand panorama, chat with other taggers, and uncover secrets and blunders along the way. Will you become the king of the island and mark every inch of bare land, infiltrate the GLUG mud pump company to find a way out or just shoot it down in the flames with you?

“Sludge Life is a really good game that everyone should try,” reads one such review posted today. “It’s a relaxing game with an exciting world and a colorful cast of characters to interact with. There are countless interesting things to find in the world as you explore that always make the experience more enjoyable or something for you to do right now. I’ve completed the games 100% and it’s quite enjoyable to play them, it’s never boring or grumpy. If you want something short and sweet, I recommend it.”

On Metacritic, the game only received a score of 73, but on Steam, the game received “very positive” user reviews, with 93% of the nearly 700 user reviews rating the game positively. . This is only two points behind the very rare “Positive Override”. In other words, consumers seem to like the game more than the critics.