Freddy Krueger is added to Red Dead Online by a creative Red Dead Online gamer

Freddy Krueger is added to Red Dead Online by a creative Red Dead Online gamer

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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger is one of the slasher genre’s most revered characters. But Freddy has also become somewhat of a staple for downloadable-content that features iconic horror movie killers, particularly with his inclusion into the hyperviolent Mortal Kombat as well as the asymmetrical, horror-themed Dead by Daylight. Recently, a Red Dead Online player has concentrated their efforts on recreating Freddy inside the open world Western.

  • Because of its emphasis on absolute freedom detached from narrative consequences, Red Dead Online is essentially a bare blackboard for players to experiment and create. Red Dead Online’s elaborate character customization has enabled players to produce inspired iterations of popular fictional characters, such as Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5 and Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants. The latest creation is an iconic horror character with a penchant for invading dreams.

HeySoloSoyYo shares a remarkable interpretation of the dreamscape serial killer as a custom character in Red Dead Online. HeySoloSoyYo’s intricate use of blemishes and mottling perfectly imitates the look of Freddy’s third-degree burns and reddish discoloration. It may have been simple enough to make a bald male character with a wide-brimmed fedora, but the particular facial features, sunken eyes, and pointed ears bear an uncanny resemblance that could be made even without HeySoloSoyYo offering a comparison photo.

Of course, it would not be feasible for HeySoloSoyYo to replicate Freddy’s four-bladed glove. Instead, they have opted for the bound black satin hand wraps that were added through Red Dead Online’s Halloween Pass from last year. With a black and red plaid workshirt, HeySoloSoyYo completes the character’s fundamental iconography and shows off the full recreation with stills that do it justice.

ChefGuapo states that, after seeing HeySoloSoyYo’s Freddy, they “never quite realized how Western Freddy Krueger actually looked.” This is a testament to how well HeySoloSoyYo was able to put the character together, but it also strikes a chord with Freddy’s aesthetic having a fedora and a unique style comparable to Western folk in America’s heartland. Without the horrific burns and bladed glove, at least.

Despite not being able to feature a bladed glove or horrible scarring, HeySoloSoyYo’s Freddy manages to capture the natural repulsion that the original character evokes. Rather, this Freddy is much more suited to Red Dead Online’s rugged heartlands, and HeySoloSoyYo comes as close to capturing what a Western Freddy Krueger would look like as anyone could.




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