Four new Xbox games will be released on November 8, 2021

Four new Xbox games will be released on November 8, 2021

Points Highlighted:

  • Here’s a breakdown of the four games coming to Xbox this week.

  • This week we’ve got a fantasy builder that takes you to the skies, a new football manager, and a game that lets you take the role of a magical scholar.

Airborne Kingdom.

You’ll be able to fly your city across the skies while exploring the wide-open landscape.

Airborne Kingdom is a sky city builder that lets you build your own town among the clouds.

Football Manager 2022.

The newest addition in the Football Manager series which allows you to create your own football style while earning fans.

Alchemist Simulator

As an alchemist, you must wisely choose contracts that will shape the world around you. You must discover long-forgotten magical recipes while upgrading your lab.

This game encourages experimentation which requires you to be hungry for knowledge. You won’t be on your own however as your mentor will help you explore the unknown arcane knowledge.

Treasure of the Aegean. In Treasure of the Aegean, you will take on the role of parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew.


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