Four new and colorful dynamic theme variations have been leaked for Android 13

Four new and colorful dynamic theme variations have been leaked for Android 13

Tech Highlights:

  • These four new styles are codenamed TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ. Of course, these four styles will again use your wallpaper in order to generate colors for the UI. Currently, Android 12 on Pixel phones has four dynamic theme styles, and all of them are generated by changing the seed color or main hue. The new additions that might make it to Android 13 will offer even more customization and of course, colorfulness, to your device.

  • Early glances of Android 13 are becoming increasingly common, despite the fact that no definitive information has yet surfaced. However, leaks are revealing what we may expect from what appears to be a quality-of-life upgrade rather than a total overhaul of the operating system (as was the case with Android 12). Now, XDA-Developers has discovered a new leak that reveals four new dynamic theme styles for Android 13 as well as the notification permissions.

On top of the new four styles for dynamic theming in Android 13, we get to see also how the box for notifications permission might look like in the new OS. Some of you may know, but notifications are going to become an opt-in thing with Android 13, and won’t be on by default for everything, clogging your notifications shade. Thanks to this quality-of-life update, you will be able to choose whether you want the app to send you a notification or not, just like you give permissions to apps to use your camera, location, etc. The screenshot below shows us how this dialogue could look like in Android 13, having two options: Allow and Don’t.

Another quite useful feature that’s most likely going to come to Android 13 is a change in how the audio output window looks. This menu is the one that allows you to choose which headset or speakers you want to play your music through and its volume, and it will be getting a fresh coat of color for a more consistent look.

First off, Android 13 will reportedly make QR scanning a more seamless and unified experience. As you may know, so far different phone makers have had their own way of implementing QR scanning, and of course, there is Google Lens, but with Android 13, Google is looking to include a QR scanner directly from your lock screen. Additionally, you may also get a shortcut for the QR scanner in your notification shade. This will for sure make scanning for QR codes even more quick and easy on Android devices.

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