Forza Horizon 5 looks “very good” on Xbox One, according to Playground Games

Forza Horizon 5 looks "very good" on Xbox One, according to Playground Games

Tech Highlights:

  • Speaking to Press Start, creative director Mike Brown spoke about the last-gen version of the game. While admitting there will be loading screens, he stated: “the game actually looks very good on Xbox One”.

  • It’s going to be a visual stunner, based on yesterday’s previews of Forza Horizon 5. The game’s aesthetics have wowed a lot of people, which is understandable. Playground Games has created one of its most gorgeous games to date, and while the Xbox One version may not reach the same heights, the company thinks it “looks really fantastic.”

“I don’t think we’ve released the Initial Drive for the Xbox One version yet, but there are loading screens. I’ll be willing to admit that. The game actually looks very good on Xbox One, but it doesn’t have an SSD. So there are restrictions of the past.”

“I think that it will be one of the better-looking games on Xbox One. I think people are really gonna love it. It’s an Xbox One game, it’s not gonna look as good as the Series X. It is going to have loading screens, that’s the reality of that. But I think it wasn’t any extra complication for us versus making it on a low spec PC. And I think the version that’s coming out people are gonna be really happy with.”

Brown later added that he also believes Forza Horizon 5 will be “one of the better-looking games on Xbox One” and that “people are really gonna love it”.

It’s all sounding pretty promising with the latest entry. Past instalments in the franchise have looked phenomenal on Xbox One, there’s no arguing that. Forza Horizon 5 seems to be pushing even further, with some of the best visuals we’ve seen on the Xbox Series X|S to date.

There’s plenty of gorgeous 4K gameplay flying around, so if you haven’t checked it out in action yet, be sure to feast your eyes on the visual treat that it is.



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